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Dinner at buvette – 18 November 2011

This was a restaurant D discovered in the New York Magazine online site, where my friend A’s 2010 references to her favorite restaurants all led. We had to wait only about a half hour, though the restaurant was full and … Continue reading

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Toulouse sausages; mashed root vegetables; garbanzos with mixed greens; fresh tomatoes – 8 November 2011

D came home after 7 and cooked a nice, and different, dinner, using things form the freezer and others fresh from the farmers’ market today. He defrosted the last two Toulouse sausages that we made with R and our friends … Continue reading

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Frittata sort of thing with ricotta and green beans; cold veggies – 31 October 2011

D is cooking again. He got home well after 7, and cooked up a quick and yummy dinner. I think part of his goal was to use up the ends of things. When I made the potato pizza on Friday, … Continue reading

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Pizza with roasted red peppers, potatoes, and tapenade – 28 October 2011

I had a couple of red peppers that I bought at the Bowl b/c they were beautiful and cheap (99 cents/lb) and was thinking of making an eggplant/feta pizza with them. But then I remembered this pizza that I made … Continue reading

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A gift of wine; steak, potatoes and beans to have with it – 3 October 2011

My former student and advisee R left a bottle of Burgundy at my office door today. Shortly thereafter, D emailed to say he’d gotten the stitches out of his thumb, and I playfully suggested we celebrate. Well what the heck, … Continue reading

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Braised pork shoulder; potatoes; applesauce; salad – 24 July 2011

Two streams converged to produce this dinner. One, our massive oversupply of culled immature apples from our tree led D to make a massive vat of applesauce, and he suggested maybe we should have pork chops for dinner, since I … Continue reading

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Hamburgers and fried potatoes for the Fourth of July – 4 July 2011

We go all-American on the 4th of July. Though today I decided we should make that either “the foods our grandparents brought from the old country” or “foods of people who make up America.” R pointed out that the latter … Continue reading

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