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Leftover chicken breast with mayo-dijon-lemon sauce; Thai jasmine rice; sugar snap peas with mint – 26 December 2011

D looked through the fridge this morning and found pork from yesterday and chicken from late last week. We decided to use up the chicken tonight and the pork for lunch tomorrow. I reheated the single chicken-breast-slice (I had cut … Continue reading

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Chicken, tomatoes, romaine, and bread, coated and broiled; sugar snap peas – 23 December 2011

I spotted this recipe when looking through the last issue 😦 of Gourmet, from November 2009, for good dinner ideas for Christmas. This caught my eye because of its beauty, and it looked pretty easy. The reviews on epicurious made … Continue reading

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Split pea soup with smoked ham; pear salad; Petit Basque – 19 December 2011

This is an incredibly easy soup, and incredibly delicious, especially for a chilling evening in December. I think it is better when there is more meat on the soup bones, but this one was still quite tasty. I started the … Continue reading

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Pesto; P’tit Basque; pear salad with pecans – 16 December 2011

I got home late after getting all my work done before the campus furlough period. No idea what to cook, so I looked in the freezer to see if there was anything we’d previously frozen that would work for dinner. … Continue reading

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Panini; radishes with butter and salt – 2 December 2011

Well, I managed not to write this up on time and have forgotten (by the 22nd!) which panino this was 😦 I expect it was the excellent one with radicchio and scamorze and truffle oil, since there is no doubt … Continue reading

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Pizza with radicchio, endive, walnuts, and Roquefort – 21 October 2011

We were running out of bread, and I decided, rather than make a new loaf for Friday, to have a pizza Friday night. I knew I could leave work a bit early to have time to make the crust, and … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with leftover tomato sauce, enhanced with bacon and mushrooms; bruschetta – 14 October 2011

D had some leftover tomato sauce that he made using fresh tomatoes from the Bowl, from a cheapo “use ’em quick” bag. He grilled up the last slice of bacon, and sauteed some sliced brown mushrooms in the bacon fat … Continue reading

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