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Asparagus bread pudding; garden salad with nasturtium – 15 May 2011

Ah, the annual asparagus bread pudding 🙂 It’s a lot of work, mostly in cleaning and picking leaves off the herb stems, but it is so worth it! The recipe is from Georgeanne Brennan’s Potager, an outstanding cookbook. We save … Continue reading

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Thai marinated vegetables with noodles and egg – 4 May 2011

D put together a marvelously delicious dinner tonight! He made a dipping sauce – Nuoc Cham –  from our Vietnamese cookbook called Authentic Vietnamese Cooking: Food from a Family Table. He marinated some matchsticked veggies [I think in the dipping … Continue reading

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Grilled chicken breast pieces with oregano; pilaf; steamed artichokes – 12 April 2011

I called D from the Derby St. Farmers’ Market and asked if he wanted anything. I narrated my walk past a few booths, and he said “why don’t you get a couple of artichokes, and we can have those with … Continue reading

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Squash, eggplant and other veggies over rice noodles – 28 March 2011

D cooked up another largish quarter or so of the Kabocha squash (peeled, chunked, and boiled) and also sauteed up garlic, onions, some of those adorable 3″ long fat little eggplants, sliced, and at the end, some mushrooms, and put … Continue reading

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Grilled ham and cheese sandwich and salad before the symphony – 10 March 2011

As is typical for us, we had a quick meal before the Berkeley Symphony concert. Our friend T joined us for both dinner and music. D made sandwiches with some raclette he had bought from the Bowl and some Saag’s … Continue reading

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Luxury cheese and bread to compensate for the City Council meeting – 22 February 2011

Well, the cheese and the baguette were superior. The City Council meeting was a headache, mostly b/c it is obvious the decision has already been made and we are just testifying so they can’t say we didn’t. Last Saturday when … Continue reading

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Leftover everything – 15 February 2011

OK, so I looked in the fridge and there was a little bit of lots of stuff. Still some of the veggies cooked with the chicken, still a few bits of chicken, and a potential lunch of leftover spaghetti with … Continue reading

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