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Vegetable tart; pear salad – 24 December 2011

This was a delicious tart, especially the crust, which was exceptional. The filling was incredibly time-consuming, but a different filling would work and be less demanding. The recipe is from Cook’s Illustrated, Jan/Feb 2012. The filling is mainly leeks, sauteed … Continue reading

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Dinner at Chez Panisse – 5 November 2011

R turned forty on the 5th, and, true to tradition, we celebrated by taking him and E to Chez Panisse. This was truly an exceptional dinner. I’m starting with the official “dinner shot”, though it was the third course. It … Continue reading

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Leek and fava soup to die for; excellent BLTs – 10 October 2011

Wow, this was the best dinner we’ve had in ages, and it was “just” soup and a sandwich. I got home and found D there already, carrying a bottle of wine up from the cellar. There was a fabulous-smelling leek … Continue reading

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Tomato and leek tart – 6 October 2011

Knowing we would be out of bread tonight, and that he didn’t have time to hang out at home to make some this afternoon, D asked if I could use some of the less-than-stellar Dirty Girl Farm tomatoes (great, just … Continue reading

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Tomato tart – 13 August 2011

D and R were at their show again today, but didn’t have an evening there, so D was home for dinner by 8. I have been waiting to cook this tomato tart until good tomatoes were out. I got Early … Continue reading

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Omelette; braised leeks with vinaigrette – 8 May 2011

I’m writing this on the 9th of July, believe it or not, based on the photo. It was Mother’s Day and R came over with wondrous goodies for dessert after lunch. D cooked a simple dinner of an omelette, and … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with leftover tomato/hamburger sauce; steamed leeks with vinaigrette – 11 April 2011

D got home late, and decided just to heat up the spaghetti sauce he’d made the other day, serving it over some boiled spaghetti, with grated parmesan. However, he added a rather special veggie to this. He steamed some leeks, … Continue reading

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