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Pesto; P’tit Basque; pear salad with pecans – 16 December 2011

I got home late after getting all my work done before the campus furlough period. No idea what to cook, so I looked in the freezer to see if there was anything we’d previously frozen that would work for dinner. … Continue reading

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Scotch Broth; P’tit Basque cheese; turnips – 15 December 2011

I managed to use the lamb broth this time. Yay! When I cut up the lamb leg from Costco for the curry, I put all the fat, much with small bits of attached meat, into a pot and boiled it … Continue reading

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Airplane dinner, but not airplane food – 17 November 2011

D put together a wonderful dinner for our flight. We had an Acme Long Italian loaf last night, and the remainder was left for this dinner. D bought more of that cheese that has espresso pressed into the surface – … Continue reading

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Snacks before, and during, the LBNL Citizens’ Advisory Group meeting – 22 September 2011

D and I attended the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory’s Citizens’ Advisory Group meeting, which started at 6pm. D planned a snack before the meeting and another snack, this with wine, afterwards. He made an outstanding gazpacho earlier in the day, which … Continue reading

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Cheeses and cold asparagus for dinner at an unspecified time – 11 August 2011

I thought D&R would be home for dinner, but without a pre-known time, so I went out and bought baguettes and cheeses at the Cheese Board, and some asparagus, which I cooked and chilled, and for which I made some … Continue reading

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Porcini in scamorze; sea beans – 9 August 2011

We had some porcini and some cream left over from the porcini wonder dinner, so reran that (as planned, really, since D pointed out while I was shopping that both the package of cheese and the package of cream are … Continue reading

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Quick and easy dinner before the LBNL presentation in Emeryville – 8 August 2011

We had to attend another presentation regarding proposed developments for Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s “second campus”, which were being advocated this evening for Berkeley, Emeryville, or a combination of the two. We wanted to arrive early, so had to leave … Continue reading

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