A gift of wine; steak, potatoes and beans to have with it – 3 October 2011

My former student and advisee R left a bottle of Burgundy at my office door today. Shortly thereafter, D emailed to say he’d gotten the stitches out of his thumb, and I playfully suggested we celebrate. Well what the heck, we did 🙂

When D got home and actually saw the wine, he decided to run back to the Bowl for some flatiron steak (the kind we cooked with M&N last Friday) and potatoes to have with the wine. He got some potatoes that have a name with “cowboy” in it, 1 pound of flatiron steak, and some blue lake green beans (and more shell beans and other stuff, but that is for a future story). He split the steak lengthwise along that little gristley bit in the center, removed that, and then cut the steak lengthwise 90 degrees from the first cut (we had half of this for dinner). He put garlic, salt and pepper on the steaks and let them sit while I washed my hair, and then put rosemary on them, turned them onto the grill on top of the rosemary and grilled them. He peeled and boiled the potatoes, and finally recooked them with butter and sage. He boiled the beans, drained them, tossed some butter in the pan and put them back. He says he ended up putting all the pans on the grill, which was still hot.

We also noticed that the “BTTR” mushrooms I was growing – which filled up their box a lot before I even opened them – were through growing and were starting to get dry around the edges. So D chopped them up and cooked them in butter to serve alongside the meat. They were exceptionally tasty mushrooms, though there were not a lot of them unfortunately.

D made some new no-knead  bread today with Central Milling Company flour (which has some barley flour in it and is a shade on the sweet side). It was great. You can see the bottom of the bread in the picture.

The wine was excellent – light and rich, entirely delicious. Also only 13% alcohol, which is a plus. D noted that it came from North Berkeley Wines.

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