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Vegetable tart; pear salad – 24 December 2011

This was a delicious tart, especially the crust, which was exceptional. The filling was incredibly time-consuming, but a different filling would work and be less demanding. The recipe is from Cook’s Illustrated, Jan/Feb 2012. The filling is mainly leeks, sauteed … Continue reading

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Avgolemono; sugar snap peas with orange peel – 22 December 2011

D made a stock from the chicken carcass, and I suggested he make this soup with it, which is one where the quality of the stock really shows. The soup has mushrooms (or chicken as another option), riso, and finally … Continue reading

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Pizza with leftover omelette sauce – 14 December 2011

Since we still had no bread and none in process, I decided this morning that I might as well make a pizza, not having done so (b/c not cooking) in quite awhile. But what kind? What sort of stuff was … Continue reading

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Omelette with tomato-mushroom-eggplant sauce; salad with pomegranate seeds – 11 December 2011

D saw me doing the first night of Fiona’s curry and thought it was for this dinner. About 7pm he asked, and found out it wasn’t. He made a wonderful dinner on the spot. He cut up a very long … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce, mushrooms, hard sausage, and old wine – 7 December 2011

D was home before me tonight, astonishingly; he got too cold at his studio and gave up. Cooked a delicious meal, though – just a simple spaghetti. The sauce was fresh tomatoes, bought in a ‘use me quickly’ bag at … Continue reading

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Dinner at Chez Panisse – 5 November 2011

R turned forty on the 5th, and, true to tradition, we celebrated by taking him and E to Chez Panisse. This was truly an exceptional dinner. I’m starting with the official “dinner shot”, though it was the third course. It … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with mushrooms, prosciutto, arugula and pine nuts; salad; red pear – 4 November 2011

D got home well after 7 with no idea what he was going to cook. I stepped into the shower, and by the time I got out, dinner was almost done. He sauteed sliced brown mushrooms, then added pinenuts, arugula, … Continue reading

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