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Grilled swordfish; citrus/avocado salad; rice; and a great wine match – 30 December 2011

I cooked a recipe/meal from a cookbook from Tsunami in Memphis, given to us by R&E. I had cooked this before. When our friend V gave D several perfectly ripe avocados, I decided to use one in this meal. Good … Continue reading

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Pasta with chicken, capers, lemon, and parsley; braised greens – 20 December 2011

D suggested this use for the remaining, hard-to-use bits from the chicken. Great idea! I heated the chicken bits in olive oil, and added some lemon juice (we decided some zest would have been a good addition to spike up … Continue reading

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Pizza with tomatoes, feta, lemon, olives, capers, and anchovies – 17 July 2011

This was D’s idea. He suggested it while we were eating our pizza on the 15th – eliminate the cilantro and add capers, anchovies, and olives instead. So, I tried it. Sorry about the fuzzy photo… It was a good … Continue reading

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Pizza with tomato, feta, lemon, and cilantro – 15 July 2011

Yikes, is it the 15th of July already?? OK, I am cooking again so of course we had pizza. I made a new crust that is 1/4 whole wheat flour, and froze half the recipe. The rest was dinner. This … Continue reading

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Pizza with dandelion greens, bacon, scallions and lemon; baby bok choi – 8 June 2011

We ran out of bread, so I took over cooking, with plans to make a pizza. I said to D, “I should make a pizza with dandelion greens,” (there being many plants still in the yard) and D said, “well, … Continue reading

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Savory pancakes with bacon, dandelion greens and lemon-parsley butter – 3 June 2011

I’m only managing to write this on the 19th, but I remember the day pretty well. D and his dad P worked on the front yard, weeding a lot of stuff, but carefully sparing the dandelions, which we consider a … Continue reading

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Avgolemonno – 17 January 2011

D came home cheerily ready to make this wonderful and surprisingly simple soup. He expected, reasonably enough, that the staples the soup depends on would be present in the kitchen. Not so. We had only a small piece of lemon, … Continue reading

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