Toulouse sausages; mashed root vegetables; garbanzos with mixed greens; fresh tomatoes – 8 November 2011

D came home after 7 and cooked a nice, and different, dinner, using things form the freezer and others fresh from the farmers’ market today.

He defrosted the last two Toulouse sausages that we made with R and our friends N&M last year. I find their taste a bit odd, but they were really good with the Bowl’s bulk seedy mustard. He opened a can of garbanzos, and added them to cooked mixed greens: mostly daikon radish greens, some rutabaga greens, and some celery leaves, sauteed in oil. He says he “threw the sausages in there eventually” and then later the garbanzos. The greens were especially tasty. The white stuff is a couple of small Yukon Gold potatoes, a whole rutabaga, a couple of slices of a celery root, and a third of a daikon radish that D thought (when buying it) was a turnip. These he mashed together with salt, pepper, and butter. They were quite tasty, and really went interestingly with the beans and greens. He also cut up two dry0farmed early girl tomatoes from Dirty Girl Farm that he got at the Derby St farmers’ market today. They’re not perfect, but still better than 99.9999999999% of tomatoes sold in the US nowadays.

We had leftover PWR Syrah and Mas des Mas Saint Chinian, both of which were great for this meal.

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