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Lamb tagine with aprocots and prunes; sautee mix with red-dyed garlic – 21 December 2011

This was the second real success from my tagine book. More than half have been uninteresting, but this was quite good. Lamb chunks are cooked with onion and garlic and also blanched almonds and a bunch of good-smelling spices; then … Continue reading

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Tagine of lamb kefta with lemon sauce; cold veggies – 1 August 2011

I actually USED UP a tin of turmeric. OK, I bought it 20 years ago. 30? At the Coop, which has not existed for a decade or more. But I actually did use it up! And the meal was terrific! … Continue reading

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Cheese, baguette, and fruit before the City Council meeting – 12 July 2011

Needing a quick and easy dinner before the City Council meeting, I went to the Cheese Board and bought two cheeses for dinner. One was an old favorite – Fromager d’Affinois. The other was suggested to me by the CB … Continue reading

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Tilapia; rice; Brussels sprouts; cucumber relish – 6 July 2011

D was all set to cook some fish with salsa, since we had a lot of salsa leftover from the vat he made for lunch today. However, he was really interested in tasting the fish more on its own, so … Continue reading

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Chicken satay; peanut dip; cucumber-carrot pickle; cucumber relish; Thai jasmine rice – 24 June 2011

Wow! A very successful experiment tonight! I tried four more recipes from Saveur, from the May 2011 edition this time, and they all worked. Chicken Satay (Satay Ayam), Javanese Peanut Sauce (Saus Kacang Tanah), and two somewhat similar condiments: Thai … Continue reading

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Curry with Anchalee rice – 28 May 2011

I’m writing this the 6th of July, based on the photo and the history, so unfortunately the true ingredients for this dinner are lost. However, I remember that for our second Anchalee dinner, we ordered tons of their really interesting … Continue reading

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Another take-out dinner from Anchalee – 23 May 2011

Great food again from Anchalee, after we worked on the house till almost 8:30. We had the crispy vegetable rolls again (not in the picture – I ate them too fast), wrapped shrimp (coated and deep fried along with some … Continue reading

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