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Roast chicken and root vegetables; salad; tree decorating – 17 December 2011

D suggested roasting a chicken for Saturday dinner, while we decorated our tree. He looked up a method in Alice Waters’ Simple Foods book, and it was terrific. He began by salting and peppering the chicken a day in advance … Continue reading

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Leftovers from The Slanted Door without actually going there – 27 September 2011

Our friends M&N passed through on their way back to the airport from their brief vacation at Pt. Reyes. They returned our coolers and reusable ice packs, with a pile of leftovers they couldn’t conveniently take on the plane with … Continue reading

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Savory pancakes with bacon, dandelion greens and lemon-parsley butter – 3 June 2011

I’m only managing to write this on the 19th, but I remember the day pretty well. D and his dad P worked on the front yard, weeding a lot of stuff, but carefully sparing the dandelions, which we consider a … Continue reading

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Omelette with chives, spring onions, and gruyere; zucchini with spring onions – 22 May 2011

Well, the world is still here, so we had dinner. We worked hard most of the day, and D planned a simple but good dinner of an omelette. He had some leftover spring onions, which he used both in the … Continue reading

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Asparagus bread pudding; garden salad with nasturtium – 15 May 2011

Ah, the annual asparagus bread pudding 🙂 It’s a lot of work, mostly in cleaning and picking leaves off the herb stems, but it is so worth it! The recipe is from Georgeanne Brennan’s Potager, an outstanding cookbook. We save … Continue reading

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Omelette; braised leeks with vinaigrette – 8 May 2011

I’m writing this on the 9th of July, believe it or not, based on the photo. It was Mother’s Day and R came over with wondrous goodies for dessert after lunch. D cooked a simple dinner of an omelette, and … Continue reading

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! Spring rolls and veggie curry – 26 April 2011

Wow, D went all adventurous tonight. He clearly planned it in advance, b/c some of the ingredients are not stuff we have just lying around. He made spring rolls from scratch, along with a dipping sauce, and also a very … Continue reading

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