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Pizza Margherita with My Own Fresh Mozzarella! – 30 June 2011

Wow, this turned out better than I expected! I made another variant on Pizza Margherita, and it was really quite good. And I made my own mozzarella balls from cheese curd! I used the 1/2 crust unused and frozen from … Continue reading

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Wine-tasting dinner at Local Mission Eatery, with wines from Clos Saron – 29 June 2011

We have really been impressed with Clos Saron wines. We figured that if this restaurant liked Clos Saron, we’d like the restaurant – and we were right! We got to sit at the bar (“seats 1 and 2,” we figured … Continue reading

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Cheeses and sugar snap peas before the City Council meeting – 28 June 2011

Dinner before yet another City Council meeting, so it had to be quick to eat. I went to the Cheese Board and got some Fromager d’Affinois, and also a nifty little ball of chevre, rather solid and creamy, coated with … Continue reading

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Wheel pasta with tomato-basil sauce; bruschetta with cranberry beans; cold asparagus with aioli – 27 June 2011

Well, I really had to use up last week’s tomato sauce, and the basil I bought for the eggplant-sandwich pizza the other day had wilted into a sad little bunch of lifeless leaves in one day, so I combined the … Continue reading

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Chicken, beef, salads, and gnocchi at a friend’s birthday party – 26 June 2011

And the winner is…. the gnocchi, covered in a light creamy basil sauce. Also a tasty roast beef, a tomato-covered chicken, a very nice roasted potato, greens with dressing, and a Greek salad. It was a fine meal, with a … Continue reading

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Pseudo-cassoulet; braised mixed greens – 25 June 2011

D and I cooked this one together, though for the main dish, we were mostly using his ideas. It was time for a Christmas (a dinner worthy of his personally chosen ‘wine-of-the-month’ gift to me), and he wanted to pull … Continue reading

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Chicken satay; peanut dip; cucumber-carrot pickle; cucumber relish; Thai jasmine rice – 24 June 2011

Wow! A very successful experiment tonight! I tried four more recipes from Saveur, from the May 2011 edition this time, and they all worked. Chicken Satay (Satay Ayam), Javanese Peanut Sauce (Saus Kacang Tanah), and two somewhat similar condiments: Thai … Continue reading

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