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Vegetable tart; pear salad – 24 December 2011

This was a delicious tart, especially the crust, which was exceptional. The filling was incredibly time-consuming, but a different filling would work and be less demanding. The recipe is from Cook’s Illustrated, Jan/Feb 2012. The filling is mainly leeks, sauteed … Continue reading

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Avgolemono; sugar snap peas with orange peel – 22 December 2011

D made a stock from the chicken carcass, and I suggested he make this soup with it, which is one where the quality of the stock really shows. The soup has mushrooms (or chicken as another option), riso, and finally … Continue reading

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Panini with treviso and scamorze; salad with pomegranate seeds – 12 December 2011

Last night I started a lamb curry which I intended to finish off tonight (cook another hour, add tomatoes and cilantro) while we brought home the Christmas tree from the Bowl. However, D found they were out of trees but … Continue reading

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Linguine with cranberry beans and arugula; grilled prosciutto-wrapped radicchio; fresh tomatoes – 30 October 2011

D cooked the cranberry beans I bought last week, in stock with rosemary and garlic. I used some of them last night on the speck, and the rest tonight on the pasta. The beans were sitting in a bit of … Continue reading

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Pizza with roasted red pepper sauce, grilled eggplant, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella curd, and basil – 23 June 2011

This was a pretty good but not perfect rendition of a pizza I made last year, which was amazing the first time and has never been equalled since. Including this one, but it was still a good dinner. I made … Continue reading

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Lamb biryani; broccolini – 12 June 2011

I finally am getting a bit ambitious with the start of summer “vacation”. Have a lot of work to do, but the days are not as structured, so I can be at home early, and have enough time to cook … Continue reading

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Grilled, brined pork chops, broccolini, and farro risotto – 30 May 2011

Our houseguests M&N pretty much cooked this meal (except for R’s dessert), and we learned some neat new stuff. We took out some frozen Costco pork chops, which are boneless and very thick, and brined them overnight in the fridge. … Continue reading

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