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Leftover chicken breast with mayo-dijon-lemon sauce; Thai jasmine rice; sugar snap peas with mint – 26 December 2011

D looked through the fridge this morning and found pork from yesterday and chicken from late last week. We decided to use up the chicken tonight and the pork for lunch tomorrow. I reheated the single chicken-breast-slice (I had cut … Continue reading

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Gumbo and Piano Music at Two Mile’s Repeal Day party – 5 December 2011

I got an e from Two Mile Wines inviting us to celebrate Repeal Day – the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition. Couldn’t miss that, now, could we? But oops, I managed, as is usual in unusual dinner situations, to … Continue reading

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Grilled chicken thighs; salad with roasted milk-soaked bread and endive; rice – 4 December 2011

D cooking, still, and really enjoying the two new cookbooks from ‘ino in NYC. I am SO behind… but this single post is on time. D grilled some chicken thighs from Costco, with oil, salt, pepper, and sage on them. … Continue reading

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Grilled chicken; grilled Japanese eggplant; rice with sage – 5 October 2011

D grilled some chicken breasts from Costco, coating them with herbs from the garden first. He also sliced up a long Japanese eggplant from my colleague J, oiled it and grilled it, and cooked some rice (I think Thai jasmine) … Continue reading

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Smoked pork loin; rice; artichoke – 29 September 2011

D is doing a great job of using up the bounty of leftovers from M&N. He cooked slices of smoked pork loin from the Bowl (delicious, and less that $6/lb) in butter or oil (it’s the 1st and he doesn’t … Continue reading

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Leftovers from The Slanted Door without actually going there – 27 September 2011

Our friends M&N passed through on their way back to the airport from their brief vacation at Pt. Reyes. They returned our coolers and reusable ice packs, with a pile of leftovers they couldn’t conveniently take on the plane with … Continue reading

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Yummy leftovers gmish – 26 Sept 2011

D, who managed to cut his thumb on the table saw yesterday (not that badly, considering the possibilities), nevertheless also managed to make a very tasty dinner tonight. He cut up some more of the leftover beef from Friday night’s … Continue reading

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