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Two pizzas at Motorino – 19 November 2011

What do you do when you can’t decide which pizza to have? Have them both! But I thought D meant to eat most of them, and then take some pieces back to the hotel. Nope. They were really good, and … Continue reading

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Lamb with lemon and thyme, grilled; Brussels sprouts; pilaf – 22 October 2011

I had to cook something quick b/c D&R were the featured artists at The Gardener today, and I wanted to go there too, which would not leave a lot of time for cooking afterwards. I took D there at 1, … Continue reading

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Italian Sausages with Grapes; Brussels Sprouts – 20 October 2011

I planned to have this dinner Tuesday b/c I expected to be home late. Well, I was so late I couldn’t even go shopping for the sausages and grapes, so I had to put it off. Tonight I got out … Continue reading

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Tomato-basil pasta; Brussels sprouts with hard sausage bits – 2 October 2011

It got to be about 7 pm and D had not thought about what to cook. We have a lot of really nice basil plants outside, so I suggested a pasta we learned about from “The Top 100 Pasta Sauces” … Continue reading

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Pancakes with butter for dinner and olollieberry jam for dessert; bacon; Brussels sprouts – 28 September 2011

D is still using up the leftovers M&N brought us on their way back to the airport from their Pt. Reyes vacation. We ate in the sunroom with the center windows wide open, it being one of the hottest days … Continue reading

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Spaghetti al Cacio e Pepe; Brussels sprouts – 13 July 2011

D cooked this in a flash, after we put together another apple pie and popped it in the oven. Great dinner 🙂 The recipe is from Trattoria by Patricia Wells. You  cook spaghetti as usual, and toss it with grated … Continue reading

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Tilapia; rice; Brussels sprouts; cucumber relish – 6 July 2011

D was all set to cook some fish with salsa, since we had a lot of salsa leftover from the vat he made for lunch today. However, he was really interested in tasting the fish more on its own, so … Continue reading

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