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Chili; canned green beans – 7 November 2011

D was cold at work today and came home wanting a hearty, warm dinner. He decided to make chili. He cooked the remaining more-than-half of a yellow onion from the fridge and some large garlic chunks in olive oil, then … Continue reading

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Omelette with ratatoille topping – 13 October 2011

D planned this use for the leftover ratatoille from two nights ago. He made some new no-knead bread today, with 1/6 whole wheat flour, 1/6 Central Milling Company flour that has barley flour in it, and the rest King Arthur … Continue reading

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Leek and fava soup to die for; excellent BLTs – 10 October 2011

Wow, this was the best dinner we’ve had in ages, and it was “just” soup and a sandwich. I got home and found D there already, carrying a bottle of wine up from the cellar. There was a fabulous-smelling leek … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce; bruschetta with shell beans – 7 October 2011

D went to the Bowl and found another bag of about-to-go-bad Romas on sale for 99 cents. He usually buys these if he can use them right away, and today he made a tomato sauce, using Georgeanne Brennan’s recipe from … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with white mushrooms, favas, and hard sausage; salad with arugula and a gift of cherry tomatoes – 19 August 2011

I asked D to make something where the multicolored cherry tomatoes from my friend J’s parents’ garden would stand out. He was considering cooking them (very lightly ) in a pasta, but decided on a salad instead. They were wonderful! … Continue reading

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Made-up-on-the-spot pasta; salad with avocado – 15 August 2011

D took over cooking after his show ended yesterday, and he is great at dealing with an overloaded fridge and making good food come out of it. He was going to do his signature pasta of mushrooms, pinenuts, and parsley … Continue reading

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Leftover skirt steak with cilantro sauce and couscous; haricots with onions – 3 August 2011

We had three chunks of skirt steak left over from Saturday night (the 30th), and couscous from one dinner and lunch today (both for the lamb kefta), and I put them together for dinner. I reheated the beef by simply … Continue reading

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