Dinner at buvette – 18 November 2011

This was a restaurant D discovered in the New York Magazine online site, where my friend A’s 2010 references to her favorite restaurants all led. We had to wait only about a half hour, though the restaurant was full and animatedly noisy, and a few parties were already waiting when we arrived.

The official dinner shot shows a pot of cassoulet, and another of rabbit in a mustard-fennel sauce. Well, actually the official dinner shot shows the chaos of a tiny table 🙂 One charming thing about this restaurant was the tiny size of everything. The dinner table was 18″ on a side, and the dishes were pretty much saucer-sized, the knife and fork miniatures (the fork was less than 7″ long, measured against my hand). We had a neat table, at the railing over the stairs to the wine cellar, which was slightly out of the main hubbub.

The rabbit was quite interesting, though very salty {betting here that the chef smokes…} and falling off the bone; it was in a sauce delicately flavored with fennel, with several perfectly cooked pieces of potato. The cassoulet was less interesting. The duck and sausage were both very tasty, but the beans were not especially so. D thought the sausage was boudin blanc, but I didn’t particularly think that (it was gone before he mentioned this, though). There was one big chunk of carrot which was good. I think our own cassoulet is actually much more interesting.

They delivered bread drizzled with oil to go with the dinner pots. It looks lovely, but oddly, it was cold, which made it less than ideal.

The first course was the most engaging – called “Aligot.” It consisted of a think slice of bread, over which was spread a layer of interesting mashed potatoes, probably with garlic?, but certainly with a cheese we were not familiar with – something like ‘corton’ or ‘caton’. Over the top was a generous mound of prosciutto. This was definitely the most interesting part of the meal.

D chose a Minervois, a wine he always favors, which also happened to be, at $42, among the cheaper bottles. It’s called Chateau de Paraza, from 2009. We liked this a lot.

Dish stack delivered to the table

{Written the 19th}

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