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Leftover chicken breast with mayo-dijon-lemon sauce; Thai jasmine rice; sugar snap peas with mint – 26 December 2011

D looked through the fridge this morning and found pork from yesterday and chicken from late last week. We decided to use up the chicken tonight and the pork for lunch tomorrow. I reheated the single chicken-breast-slice (I had cut … Continue reading

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Chicken, tomatoes, romaine, and bread, coated and broiled; sugar snap peas – 23 December 2011

I spotted this recipe when looking through the last issue 😦 of Gourmet, from November 2009, for good dinner ideas for Christmas. This caught my eye because of its beauty, and it looked pretty easy. The reviews on epicurious made … Continue reading

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Avgolemono; sugar snap peas with orange peel – 22 December 2011

D made a stock from the chicken carcass, and I suggested he make this soup with it, which is one where the quality of the stock really shows. The soup has mushrooms (or chicken as another option), riso, and finally … Continue reading

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Cheeses and sugar snap peas before the City Council meeting – 28 June 2011

Dinner before yet another City Council meeting, so it had to be quick to eat. I went to the Cheese Board and got some Fromager d’Affinois, and also a nifty little ball of chevre, rather solid and creamy, coated with … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with tomato sauce and sausage; sugar snap peas with mint – 22 June 2011

A few days ago at the Bowl I found Roma tomatoes in a ‘use me quick’ 99 cent bag. I brought them home, and D set about making a tomato sauce with them, cooking garlic and onions, the chopped tomatoes, … Continue reading

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Pasta salad with sliced ham and sugar snap peas; Pecorino Crotonese – 21 June 2011

It was an actual Hot Day, scheduled to be 89 degrees, which was an excellent excuse for a pasta salad. I didn’t have anything in particular in mind, but there were 2 slices of Saag’s Black Forest Ham that wanted … Continue reading

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Dinner for nine: Braised pork with mushrooms; mashed potatoes; sugar snap peas with mint; Peach and raspberry pie; nectarine sorbet with blueberries – 4 June 2011

This was a remarkable meal, cooked principally by the two under-40s (one under-30) with the over-50s (mostly over-60s) providing cooking support, table setting, and assorted wine-drinking assistance. M&N’s daughter S proposed a braised pork recipe for our planned dinner together, … Continue reading

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