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Leftover lamb biryani; broccoli; peach – 15 June 2011

Easy dinner tonight – I just reheated the lamb biryani and cooked some broccoli. To reheat the lamb biryani, I put a small layer of water into a saucepan for steam, added an appropriate amount of the l.b., covered it, … Continue reading

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Hamburgers on no-knead bread; broccoli – 24 April 2011

When we tried out the Tractor Shed Red from Costco, we both thought it lacked clarity and sublety, though had a good taste. Hamburger wine! I declared, and so D tried it out with this meal. It went pretty well. … Continue reading

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Omelette between a late arrival and work on the income taxes – 30 March 2011

D got home very late from work – close to 8:00, I think – but came up with an omelette in short order. There was basil in water on the island, which he used, and some old but still good … Continue reading

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Last-minute TJ’s soup; broccoli – 24 March 2011

D was planning to make polenta with greens and peppers tonight, but got home way too late to start on that. He dug around a bit and found a box of “Latin Style Black Bean Soup” from Trader Joe’s, so … Continue reading

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Ginger beef with broccoli, mushrooms and rice noodles – 12 March 2011

Wow, this was a great use of leftovers by D. He used three of the beef strips we didn’t eat last night, and all of the tangerine and mushroom sauce. He cooked some ginger, fresh mushrooms, and scallions in canola … Continue reading

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Sirloin of beef with mushrooms, marble potatoes, and tangerines – 11 March 2011

This was a punt by D. He had to pick up something or other at the Bowl, and didn’t have any ideas for dinner, so he decided to buy some beef and work around that. He cut the beef into … Continue reading

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Personal Pizza Margherita; broccoli; tangerines – 28 February 2011

I had not had much luck with Pizza Margherita following the recipes I found online, even the one from Epicurious. I had tried D’s suggestion of adding oregano – which is growing enthusiastically in the garden – to the sauce, … Continue reading

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