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Chili; canned green beans – 7 November 2011

D was cold at work today and came home wanting a hearty, warm dinner. He decided to make chili. He cooked the remaining more-than-half of a yellow onion from the fridge and some large garlic chunks in olive oil, then … Continue reading

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Pizza with pesto, potatoes, and prosciutto – 6 November 2011

D quailed at the idea of cooking tonight, following Jean-Pierre Moulle. “Can’t cook :(” he said. Since we were to run out of bread with lunch, I volunteered to make a pizza, which has no pretensions whatsoever to Chez Panisse … Continue reading

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Dinner with new friends – 18 August 2011

R’s dear friends J&M invited us to J’s parents’ house in Berkeley. Great meal, even better company – what a wonderful evening! J and her Dad V apparently did most of the cooking. We saw V grilling kefta (lamb with … Continue reading

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Not so good Pizza Margherita; excellent baby bok choy – 27 July 2011

The interesting part of this story is that I actually made the fresh mozzarella myself, starting from whole milk! Unfortunately, it was more like regular mozz, and would have been better grated than left to melt into a (non-)puddle. Everything … Continue reading

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Hamburger; tarragon potato salad; zucchini with tomato and onion; pickle – 16 June 2011

A simple and yummy meal – well, simple, but it still took an hour to make! I moved a half-pound of hamburger from freezer to fridge a couple of days ago to defrost, and today mixed it with minced yellow … Continue reading

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Pizza Margherita; carrot sticks – 25 May 2011

Once again we were near the end of the bread so I offered to make a pizza. D expressed a fondness for Margherita, and since it is about the easiest possible pizza and I love it, how could I disagree? … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with tomatoes and basil – 24 May 2011

A quick and delicious dinner from D, and a wonderful new wine to have with it. D got home thinking to make a cauliflower soup from Alan Hooker (Snow White Soup) but it requires (REALLY requires) a garnish of grated … Continue reading

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