Braised pork shoulder; potatoes; applesauce; salad – 24 July 2011

Two streams converged to produce this dinner. One, our massive oversupply of culled immature apples from our tree led D to make a massive vat of applesauce, and he suggested maybe we should have pork chops for dinner, since I had no ideas. Two, he was looking through the freezer to see if we had any Costco pork chops, and found some pork shoulder left from a previous purchase, when we had needed only a part of it. It suddenly dawned on us: it’s pork! Use it!

And this was the cut that our friends S&N had used to produce a fabulous dinner on the 4th of June. So we went for that, mostly following the same instructions. D suggested that, instead of boiling and mashing the potatoes, he cut them up and place them in the cooking liquid for the last 45 minutes before the pork was removed for shredding, and that turned out fantastically (except they needed salting at dinner).

D also got much of the remaining baby lettuces from the garden yesterday at lunch, and he made them into a lovely salad today, with an Early Girl tomato from Riverdog Farm, and half an avocado from the Bowl. He dressed this nicely with olive oil and a little herbed vinegar he is fond of, of unremembered provenance.

We bought a loaf of Acme Ciabatta at the Bowl, which was excellent as always, but probably unnecessary.

We decided this was a Christmas dinner, for my (personally chosen) wine-of-the-month club gift from D, and he brought up a wine we’d found at Costco. When we checked the price at Costco, it was too $$ for normal use, but he suggested we could have it as a Christmas wine. It as very good, but not spectacular – a 2008 Medoc from Chateau Rollan de By.

You can see some of the remaining apples in the background. We’re going to take them to the Crop Swap Monday to see if anyone would like to use them, as we have way too many!

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