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Pork loin with pomegranate sauce; green beans with ginger – 25 December 2011

Well, we planned three meals today but should have planned only two. Given we had breakfast at about 10:30 and lunch at 3, we had a hard time getting hungry for dinner. And of course there were the Christmas Cookies … Continue reading

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Mom’s chili; green beans; exceptional wine – 18 December 2011

Tonight I made the chili that Mom used to make every Christmas Eve, to have when everyone was hysterically wrapping presents and generally going nuts. After a simple beginning, the chili simmers for 3-4 hours, while you do other stuff. … Continue reading

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Eggs baked in tomato sauce, with milk-soaked croutons – 6 December 2011

Wow, this was excellent, and really interesting. Another new recipe from our newest cookbooks from ‘ino in New York. D resurrected the remaining croutons from the 4th, which had been in an airtight (more or less) container with a snap-on … Continue reading

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Chili; canned green beans – 7 November 2011

D was cold at work today and came home wanting a hearty, warm dinner. He decided to make chili. He cooked the remaining more-than-half of a yellow onion from the fridge and some large garlic chunks in olive oil, then … Continue reading

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Frittata sort of thing with ricotta and green beans; cold veggies – 31 October 2011

D is cooking again. He got home well after 7, and cooked up a quick and yummy dinner. I think part of his goal was to use up the ends of things. When I made the potato pizza on Friday, … Continue reading

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A gift of wine; steak, potatoes and beans to have with it – 3 October 2011

My former student and advisee R left a bottle of Burgundy at my office door today. Shortly thereafter, D emailed to say he’d gotten the stitches out of his thumb, and I playfully suggested we celebrate. Well what the heck, … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with Gaeta olive tapenade and green beans – 1 October 2011

October? Already?? Well, D made it worth our while to get this far with an excellent dinner – one he makes with some frequency, but none the less for that. The recipe is from Chez Panisse Pasta, Pizza and Calzone. … Continue reading

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