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Polenta with sauteed mushrooms; avocado salad – 31 March 2011

The title is a guess, but not a bad one. This post was missing, and when I went to fill it in (this being the 7th of July) I found that my photos ended at 6:23 on the 31st of … Continue reading

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Omelette between a late arrival and work on the income taxes – 30 March 2011

D got home very late from work – close to 8:00, I think – but came up with an omelette in short order. There was basil in water on the island, which he used, and some old but still good … Continue reading

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Brie and bread before the City Council meeting – 29 March 2011

Another City Council meeting – more fruitless time being spent when the outcome has already been decided {sigh}. But we had a good brie for dinner, anyway. Actually, we took this meal to City Hall so we could also go … Continue reading

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Squash, eggplant and other veggies over rice noodles – 28 March 2011

D cooked up another largish quarter or so of the Kabocha squash (peeled, chunked, and boiled) and also sauteed up garlic, onions, some of those adorable 3″ long fat little eggplants, sliced, and at the end, some mushrooms, and put … Continue reading

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Burrito soup; long beans – 27 March 2011

This was the rest of the black bean soup box from Trader Joe’s that we had a few nights ago. D dolled it up by putting canned corn in it, and garnishing with avocado chunks, which made it basically a … Continue reading

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Polenta with greens and peppers – 26 March 2011

This is one of my favorite dishes, which D sweetly made for me during my post-op period of favoring softer foods. If this is a limited diet, I’ll take it 🙂 It’s also beautiful 🙂 The recipe is from one … Continue reading

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Risotto with yellow and oyster mushrooms; long beans with onions – 25 March 2011

D was going to make this risotto last night but was discouraged because he got home so late. It was worth waiting for 🙂 To make the risotto, he cut up a garlic clove and a large shallot, and sauteed … Continue reading

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