Pizza with tomatoes, feta, lemon, olives, capers, and anchovies – 17 July 2011

This was D’s idea. He suggested it while we were eating our pizza on the 15th – eliminate the cilantro and add capers, anchovies, and olives instead. So, I tried it.

Sorry about the fuzzy photo… It was a good pizza, but not a fabulous one.

I started with the defrosted second half of the dough I made on the 15th. I should have put it in a bowl to rise once it defrosted, coating it in oil, b/c it got a bit dried out on the uncovered surfaces. You know your dough is risen when it is lifting the cover off its container 😉

I used about 1 1/2 anchovy fillets – a large one and pieces – what was left in the can – (oil packed, from Costco) and a tablespoon of drained (but not rinsed) capers, and 10 Nicoise olives from the Cheese Board, halved lengthwise, all added on top of the tomatoes, just before the last of the mozzarella and the feta were applied.

After cooking, then, only lemon zest (1 whole lemon) and lemon juice (1 Tbsp) needed to be added.

D thinks maybe use “only one of the salts” by which he means the olives, anchovies, and capers, which we think of as different flavors of salt. He was leaning towards keeping the olives. He also thought tossing parsley over the top would be nice. It’s unusual to see a pizza without little green spots on it, though this one did not lack beauty.

We had leftover Trentatre and Castelo de Sulco with this. I liked the Castelo better tonight than when it was freshly opened. The Trentatre was really interesting and tasty. These are the two little 250ml bottles the leftover wines were in. We find that if we put opened wine in bottles with pretty much no room for air, they stay happy longer.

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