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Scallion soup; endive and crouton salad – 29 December 2011

I changed this dinner just before I went off to shop. It was going to be more difficult (satay) and would not have gone together well. D wanted to use up the cut-off parts of the Pain de Mie (breakfast … Continue reading

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Pizza with dandelion greens, bacon, scallions and lemon; baby bok choi – 8 June 2011

We ran out of bread, so I took over cooking, with plans to make a pizza. I said to D, “I should make a pizza with dandelion greens,” (there being many plants still in the yard) and D said, “well, … Continue reading

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Savory pancakes with bacon, dandelion greens and lemon-parsley butter – 3 June 2011

I’m only managing to write this on the 19th, but I remember the day pretty well. D and his dad P worked on the front yard, weeding a lot of stuff, but carefully sparing the dandelions, which we consider a … Continue reading

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