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Leftover chicken breast with mayo-dijon-lemon sauce; Thai jasmine rice; sugar snap peas with mint – 26 December 2011

D looked through the fridge this morning and found pork from yesterday and chicken from late last week. We decided to use up the chicken tonight and the pork for lunch tomorrow. I reheated the single chicken-breast-slice (I had cut … Continue reading

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Leftover braised pork and vegetables; sauteed collards – 26 July 2011

This was a really tasty dinner! We had planned out when to use the braised pork leftovers, and conveniently were given some very beautiful collards last night at the Berkeley crop-swap that went perfectly with the pork. Pork, potatoes, carrots, … Continue reading

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Leftover eggplant tagine, this time with couscous – 21 July 2011

Leftovers sure make an easy dinner. I went in to work today and came home about 5, and had a couple of hours to work around the house before I had to start dinner. I just reheated the eggplant tagine … Continue reading

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Leftover lamb biryani; broccoli; peach – 15 June 2011

Easy dinner tonight – I just reheated the lamb biryani and cooked some broccoli. To reheat the lamb biryani, I put a small layer of water into a saucepan for steam, added an appropriate amount of the l.b., covered it, … Continue reading

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