Spaghetti with leftover tomato/hamburger sauce; steamed leeks with vinaigrette – 11 April 2011

D got home late, and decided just to heat up the spaghetti sauce he’d made the other day, serving it over some boiled spaghetti, with grated parmesan. However, he added a rather special veggie to this. He steamed some leeks, and poured over them a vinaigrette he made from olive oil and some sherry vinegar, which he says is the best vinegar we have at the moment – on the mild side. It was a delicious meal.

He pulled out a wine we bought to try out at Costco a week or so ago, with a marvelous label and name: Tractor Shed Red. He thought the wine was not subtle or interesting, but it seemed to both of us that it would be a great, simple hamburger wine, so we will try some with that all-American meal.

{Written the 12th}

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