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Leftover skirt steak with cilantro sauce and couscous; haricots with onions – 3 August 2011

We had three chunks of skirt steak left over from Saturday night (the 30th), and couscous from one dinner and lunch today (both for the lamb kefta), and I put them together for dinner. I reheated the beef by simply … Continue reading

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Tagine of lamb kefta with lemon sauce; cold veggies – 1 August 2011

I actually USED UP a tin of turmeric. OK, I bought it 20 years ago. 30? At the Coop, which has not existed for a decade or more. But I actually did use it up! And the meal was terrific! … Continue reading

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Leftover eggplant tagine, this time with couscous – 21 July 2011

Leftovers sure make an easy dinner. I went in to work today and came home about 5, and had a couple of hours to work around the house before I had to start dinner. I just reheated the eggplant tagine … Continue reading

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