Grilled chicken thighs; salad with roasted milk-soaked bread and endive; rice – 4 December 2011

D cooking, still, and really enjoying the two new cookbooks from ‘ino in NYC. I am SO behind… but this single post is on time.

D grilled some chicken thighs from Costco, with oil, salt, pepper, and sage on them. They took way longer than he expected, so we went ahead and ate the magical ‘ino salad, which was really exceptional.

Endive sat in warmed oil and cooked on low for 3-4 minutes, then sat there for awhile. Garlic, too. the bread chunks were soaked in milk, and then baked. The red onion was sliced, perhaps not thin enough, and it was perhaps not as mild an onion as it might have been… but that is a small quibble. The salad was served warm. Excellent!

Then he took the smallest of the thighs off and we split it (this is my half, on basmati rice) and then later the big ones were done and we also split one of those. Almost forgot the cauliflower and radish D personally delivered to the computer room before dinner…

D brought up a bottle of Valreas, which was a good choice with this meal.

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