Early dinner at ‘ino – 20 November 2011

Realizing that the best meal we had had on this trip was our first breakfast at ‘ino, we came back for panini, and added a salad into the mix. (And we came back for breakfast the next day – writing this the 24th.)

We chose two panini: from http://menupages.com/restaurants/ino/menu

“Cacciatorini, Goat Cheese And Black Olive Pesto” and “Bresaola, Asparagus And Pecorino Peppato”

The salad was served first: “Fennel Salad with rucola, goat cheese and aceto”

It had an interesting sweetness to it, and I loved the cheese bits on it. Most of the salad was arugula, rather than fennel.

D chose a salice salentino, which we enjoyed. Perhaps he will add a comment.

Finally, hearing we were in NY for an anniversary trip, the restaurant people sent out a dessert gratis, and it was quite delicious. I think they use only one kind of bread – panini rolls – cutting them crosswise for bruschetta, and lengthwise into four slices for the panini, and this dessert – “Bruschetta with fresh fruit (strawberries) and mascarpone.”

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