Spaghetti with fresh tomato-mushroom sauce; salad with dry-farmed early girl tomatoes – 12 October 2011

I came to one limit of my major teaching binge today, so I decided we should celebrate.

D pulled some tomato sauce out of the fridge that he had made previously, and added some mushrooms, which he sauteed before adding to the sauce. He served this over spaghetti.

He cut up several of the tiny dry-farmed Early Girl tomatoes he bought from Tomatero farm at the Grand Lake market on Saturday, and made a salad with romaine, and a dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

To celebrate my newfound freedom, D brought up one of the TwoMile wines we bought at their recent tasting, at the opening of their new tasting room. This was “Founder’s Rock” (2009) which was on sale for $10 (from $15) but which we got for 15% off, therefore $8.50 a bottle, for buying a case. (At that price, who wouldn’t??) Ridiculous price for such an excellent wine. Hey, we’ll take it!

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