Spaghetti with mushrooms, pine nuts, parsley, and pecorino; salad with fresh tomatoes – 4 October 2011

D made his excellent signature pasta: mushrooms (brown, this time), pine nuts, and parsley cooked together in olive oil, with pecorino (probably Crotonese?) shaved over the top.

D bought some Dirty Girl Farm dry farmed early girl tomatoes today, but didn’t know that the admonition to prefer the small ones carried throughout the season. The larger ones in this salad were just plain good tomatoes, not something to abandon your goals and become a farmer for (as most of them are ;). The salad was quite good, but fabulous tomatoes would have made it perfect. The lettuce was romaine, the dressing had shallots along with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

On the other hand, the tiny tomato we had as an appetizer was superb! D brought it to me on a leftover tile that didn’t get used in the island.

The wine D bought at Trader Joe’s awhile ago, and it was fine, but nothing really special. I thought it had some complexity hidden away, but it was rather sharp and wanted lots of breathing. We still have 1/3 of this bottle, and a second bottle to try, so we will reserve judgement. The wine cost less than $7. It’s a Medoc called Chateau L’Estey (2009).

{Written the 4th, edited and posted on the 8th}

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