Musroom pasta using porcini – 10 August 2011

The guys were setting up for their weekend show, and planned to leave SF in time for me to feed them at a normal dinner hour, there being another whole day to complete the setup.

D suggested making his signature pasta, but with porcini instead of plain mushrooms, porcini being oddly prevalent at the Bowl at this moment.

I don’t recall now (5 Sept – see explanation 8 Aug) whether he had planned to cook this and I took over b/c they were terribly late, or whether I was to cook it in the first place. Anyway, I messed it up, ignoring the sauteeing mushrooms and pine nuts at the exact wrong time and letting them overcook. However, the guys were either very nice about it or very tired and humgry, because they professed to enjoy it. Might also have to do with the fact that I carefully chose out the most unburnt of the mushrooms and pine nuts to serve them, out of massive guilt. Probably the pecorino over the top this time was the Crotonese, which I got a lot of when it was on a major sale at the Bowl (about $6/lb off) as a promotion earlier in the summer.

D brought up a favorite Trader Joe’s cheap-but-delicious wine of mine, a Coted du Rhone Villages from 2009 called Valreas. R’s hand appears in the photo, too…

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