Porcini in scamorze; sea beans – 9 August 2011

We had some porcini and some cream left over from the porcini wonder dinner, so reran that (as planned, really, since D pointed out while I was shopping that both the package of cheese and the package of cream are enough for two dinners-worth of this).

I’m reconstructing this post on the 5th of Sept (!) (see 8 Aug for explanation) after “as planned, really”, which is why I’m saying I think – well, I’m pretty sure, actually – that I cooked this iteration of the dish, though it was D who invented it based on a similar poblano-and-Jack version in Mexico the Beautiful. The recipe is described two days ago on the 7th so no need to repeat it here. Here are the cheese chunks and sauteed mushrooms in the oven-proof dishes (by the late Mary Grabill, aka Grove Mary, Sign of the Sandpiper).

Probably the hardest part of the recipe is remembering to boil water right at the start, so it’s ready to pour into the outer baking dish when the casuelitas are ready to go into the oven.

The amusement (aside from the fact that the main dish is spectacular) was the “sea beans”, which I bought on an impulse when I saw them at the Bowl.

Sea beans: can’t resist the odd veggie every once in awhile!

The produce man I spoke to thought one would steam then, so I did, then tossed in (I think…) butter. However, they were very salty, so I think they should be boiled briefly in unsalted water instead of steaming. They were tasty and interesting, so I would definitely try them again – but not often as they cost something like $3.59/lb. I just bought a little bit, so amplified the veggie ration with a radish and a very nice carrot. I see from the picture below that I resorted to buying a loaf of Acme Pain au Levain. Could do a lot worse 😉

The wine was a Bordeaux we have had periodically and enjoy, called “Chateau Mayne Guyon” – a 2008 “Cotes du Blaye”, which I confess I could not find on a map to save my life.

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