Linguine with shell beans and leftover skirt steak; dandelion salad with anchovy dressing – 31 July 2011

OMG the end of July already??

OK, so D cooked dinner tonight as a one-off, b/c I bought him some cranberry beans after he mentioned seeing them at the Bowl. He shelled them, and then cooked them in water with rosemary and onion for about 20 minutes at lunch time. He left them on the stove for the afternoon, and then reheated them for about 5 minutes before using them in this pasta. He also cut up some of last night’s grilled skirt steak, and used some of the cilantro topping along with it in the pasta. It was very interesting and I enjoyed it; I thought tossing the linguine with a bit of oil, or tossing more thoroughly with the topping, would have improved it a bit. D agreed, and then noted that he also had not mashed any of the beans to make a thickish coating for the pasta. This would be a good idea for most any dried-bean-based pasta.

D also made a salad he has made a couple of times previously: dandelion greens from the front yard and herbed croutons, with a dressing of anchovies and oil (I think usually it has garlic, too – it’s from Patricia Wells’ Trattoria).

We had a leftover wine with this, and I will have to inquire as to what it was. D had served us 1/3 of the bottle previously (no doubt for lunch yesterday or today) and the rest was in our cute Bryant Labs bottle. (The little hat-cork I think was a stocking present from my Mom.) The wine was still fine, though unremarkable.

{Drafted the 31st, edited and photos added the 1st}

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