Pasta with tomato-eggplant sauce; green salad – 29 July 2011

I had two more eggplants and most of that humongous $1 bunch of basil still around, and decided to put them together into a pasta, since we had bread.

I went to the Bowl to buy stuff for tomorrow’s dinner party, and ran across a bag of 7 Romas-that-ate-Chicago for 49 cents/pound, so I bought them for the sauce. I started with a clove of garlic cooked a minute or so in olive oil, then added 3 of the Romanone, diced. I didn’t bother to seed them or anything, just salted the dices and cooked them down a bunch. I added leaves from several stems of the beautiful basil I got at the farmers’ market on Tuesday, and cooked slowly till the sauce was rather thick. I cut the two remaining eggplants – long, thin, and rather curly – into 4 – 5 strips each, and, on a whim, brushed them with the remaining red-pepper/garlic marinade from last night (we used up the other two at lunch today). I grilled them on high, and ended up using all but 3 slices in this pasta sauce. (The three leftover slices will be lunch tomorrow or Sunday.) For the pasta, I used riccioli, which are like wavy sheets, curled in the direction 90 degrees from the waving, but not connected into a tube. We get these in mixed multi-packs at Costco (Garafolo is the brand). I was intending to use French feta (from Cheese Board) on this, but it seemed to me to make more sense with Parmaggiano, so I grated some over the top, and didn’t use the feta (which I have to figure out how to use, now). I also tore up some of the basil leaves and tossed them over the top before serving.

I made a pretty but simple salad using baby lettuce I had bought for a different purpose but not used. I mixed olive oil and some organic brown rice vinegar (stereotype alert!) and salt and pepper, and tossed the lettuces in that. That’s all! Also, we had more of yesterday’s no-knead bread, which was 1/4 whole wheat. It’s still yummy.

D brought up a bottle of Villa Antinori (Toscana) – an almost-Chianti (only 060% Sangiovese, and  Chianti must be 80%. We just learned this so I could properly annotate this wine! Anyway, very good wine, and a nice way to start the weekend 🙂

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