Not so good Pizza Margherita; excellent baby bok choy – 27 July 2011

The interesting part of this story is that I actually made the fresh mozzarella myself, starting from whole milk!

Unfortunately, it was more like regular mozz, and would have been better grated than left to melt into a (non-)puddle. Everything was too dry. The tomato sauce was as usual, but the puddles of melted mozzarella usually make up for it. This time, they didn’t puddle. The crust was dryish, even. Oh well…


The basil was good. I got a humongous bunch from the Derby St farmers’ market for a dollar again. Amazing price. I also bought four baby bok choy plants from the same people for a dollar, and had half of them tonight, chopped and sauteed in oil and butter, salted and peppered. For all Margheritas (when made right) are delicious, they don’t have a lot of veggie goodness in them.

D brought up a wine that I have liked and he has not, in the past. This is also true in the present, it turns out, so I got the end of his πŸ™‚ This is a very-Californian syrah that the Bowl got on some special deal a couple years ago, and I bought a bunch when I had the chance. Well, R likes it anyway, so if we ever have dinner together without D for some reason, we can finish that last bottle πŸ™‚

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