Dinner at Riva Cucina! – 20 July 2011

We had another superb dinner at Riva Cucina, to celebrate D&R selling a piece to someone who saw their work at Riva. We split two appetizers, and each had pasta for dinner. We all chose the same dessert.

R & I both had Passatelli alla salciccia (“Parmigiano, egg & breadcrumb pasta sauteed with housemade Italian sausage, butter, sage & cream”) and D had Tagliolini al pesto (“Chickpea pasta sauteed with pine nuts, basil and Parmigiano pesto, fresh tomato, corn and Parmigiano”). It doesn’t look pretty in the photo, but the Passatelli was (were) absolutely sumptuous. D was (mock) aghast that R & I  insisted on both ordering the same thing, and indeed, I could have ordered the pear ravioli so we’d have three things to taste – but I have already had that at least twice here. [and it’s great!]

We started with two appetizers, which we split, Panzanella (“Yellow, orange, & red cluster tomato, English cucumber, red onion, champaigne condimento, housemade foccacia croutons”) and Prosciutto e fichi (“Parma prosciutto, black mission and Adriatic figs baked with goat cheese & pancetta, balsamico reduction, crostini”). These were excellent appetizers.







We all elected to have dessert, and chose the mint(!) panna cotta, with chocolate chunks inside, and chocolate shavings on top and on the plate. We all loved this!

D ordered a Chianti classico for dinner, and it was terrific with the Passatelli. D & I had glasses of Pinot Grigio with the appetizers, but I don’t know the identity of the PG as all we saw were the glasses.

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