Porcini in melted scamorze; dandelion green salad with anchovy dressing; haricots – 9 July 2011

It’s really fun having had this blog for a year and a half. Today D ran across some porcini, and immediately decided to rerun an experiment he did last year, where he used them in a sort of thickish quiche, in an attempt to mimic a dish I’d loved in Firenze in 1997 (and had never, in a few tries, gotten anything remotely resembling it). D succeeded. So that’s tonight’s dinner, and also… I find from the 2010 blog that the first try was exactly a year ago – the 9th of July 2010. We got a kick out of that.

However… what the heck are porcini doing out in July? We thought last year it must be an anomaly, but this re-emergence seems to eliminate that idea. Both years have seen significant rain in what should be the dry season. But still – shouldn’t these be out in November rather than July?? Well, I’m glad to have them anytime they wish to make an appearance. This is one spectacular dish.

So D is entirely enamored of the dandelion salad, so we had that again. There’s a good picture of it on yesterday’s entry. It was terrific, though leaned a bit too much toward.. what.. garlic? this time. D also found some haricots, grown in California, which were bagged and on sale for what is cheap for haricots – just under $3/lb I think he said.  He bought them for a pasta sometime in the next couple of nights, but boiled some of them up for tonight’s veggie, too. After plating, he mooshed them a bit into the anchovy dressing of the salad, which was neat.

D chose a wine we got a couple years ago, and it was fabulous. Iron Horse Estate Pinot Noir, 2004. This is a Sonoma wine. Certainly makes me interested in visiting more Sonoma wineries!

Totally wonderful dinner!

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