Pork loin, Brussels sprouts, and olives as a pasta sauce – 3 July 2011

D took the last Costco boneless pork loin chop out of the freezer and got creative.

He cut the pork into small (3/4″?) chunks, and cooked it in oil with sage, and added pre-boiled Brussels sprouts and halved Gaeta olives.

He used cappellini, which cook quickly, and added a pat of butter to the pasta before topping it. After adding the pork mixture, he put a bunch of little purple sage flowers over the top. It was a very pretty meal.

We both thought it didn’t tie together quite well enough, so he will try it again, perhaps adding some wine to the pork mixture to let the ingredients cook together a bit.

This was a Costco wine we got b/c D thought it might be interesting. It was very good, though not especially memorable IMO. I could not say we’d ever had “Moulin-a-vent” before.

We had dinner upstairs in the sun room because it was a nice, hot day. Fun to do that occasionally.

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