Chicken Caesar Salad at the Mountain Winery – 27 May 2011

Well, I was annoyed at myself for failing to take a picture of dinner till I remembered that the Mt. Winery – or rather the band that night – did not allow cameras into the site. Stupid, really, given that the audience was speckled with people recording video and audio on their cell phones. What harm could a simple camera do? {{sigh}}

OK, so think of a plastic container with 6 (8?) sides, black on the bottom and clear on the top, full of mostly-iceberg lettuce (fresh and crispy), with several slices of well-seasoned and well-cooked chicken around one edge, and topped with two containers worth of Caesar salad dressing. Seriously overpriced at $14, but then, with a captive audience, everything is seriously overpriced. This had nothing on the wine, which was all $12/glass and up. I tried the pinot noir, which was not especially good (I’ve had $10 bottles that tasted better) so I fortunately was uninterested in a second glass. The incredible wind and cold really sapped my energy, and left me very tired by the end of the show, so it’s just as well, given I had to drive more than an hour home. Moral: spend on the tickets, bring your own food and picnic outside before the show. The view is great.

View of south SF Bay Area from the Saratoga Mountain Winery on a previous visit

{Written about the 28th or 29th, with final edits and old photo addition 6 July}

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