Spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce with basil – 11 May 2011

I bought tons of basil at the Derby Street Farmers’ Market yesterday, and washed it all up, which caused some leaves to fall off. D used them up in this pasta, along with some Romas he’d gotten at the Bowl in a 99-cent “buy me now” bag.

He cooked some garlic in oil, blanched (?) and peeled the tomatoes, and then cooked them down in the garlic/oil and served them over spaghetti. Needs salt and pepper also. Great dinner đŸ™‚

D brought up a bottle of Monte Antico (2006), a Sangiovese/Merlot/Cab blend  from Toscana that we get at Costco. (I’m telling you all this b/c I chose a photo with the bottle a bit blurry and the glass in focus :)) Good, basic dinner wine, and has a screw-cap so we never get a corked one.

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