Hardboiled egg with special salts; tapioca noodles in pad thai sauce; cold veggies – 10 May 2011

D actually started this dinner by trying to figure out what to do with leftover tapioca noodles from last night. They were king of mooshy, but tasty. He had left them out, I suspect to discard them, but I imagined they might fry up nicely, so I tucked them away in the fridge.

So he tried them out. It seems some departing neighbors left for us, among many other little treasures, some Trader Joe’s Pad Thai sauce, so he added that to the noodles, and also the remainder of the Thai basil, which was very sad and tired already, though bought, I think, just yesterday. Anyway, the noodles were still oddly textured, but they tasted really good! D had also boiled up a couple of eggs a few days ago, so he opened those, and put a container of multiple nifty salts out for us to try with the eggs. Then there were celery sticks, carrot sticks, think slices of fennel, and two kinds of olives – pitted Nicoise from Cheese Board and Gaeta from the Bowl – and last, a slice of no-knead bread D made yesterday. All good. We had leftover white wines – I think the first one was the Entre-Deux-Mers, and the second the Sterling Sauvignon Blanc from last night. The Sterling had survived better, but of course it had been opened more recently.

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