Linguine with leftover hamburger/tomato sauce – 25 April 2011

Wow, we had a new wine tonight that we both really liked! Reminds us how rarely we have a “wow” wine at our price range. But first… D warmed up the tomato sauce with hamburger that we had the other night.

Unfortunately, h/we left it out overnight. I added a bunch of water and boiled it the next morning, and D declared it fine so we put it in the fridge for further consumption. If we end up in the hospital with food poisoning tonight, that is why 😉 D cooked some quite wide pasta, labeled “linguine,” to go with this. It did taste good, and some pecorino romano over the top really brightened it up.

Back to the wine: must be Catalan, from various writings on the label. It had an earthiness we haven’t tasted for awhile, which is a taste we both really love. More of this! Absurdly cute label, too.

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