Last-minute TJ’s soup; broccoli – 24 March 2011

D was planning to make polenta with greens and peppers tonight, but got home way too late to start on that. He dug around a bit and found a box of “Latin Style Black Bean Soup” from Trader Joe’s, so we had that.

It was tasty, but quite salty (22% of the daily dose per serving). He dumped a bit of leftover canned corn (from one of my pizza nights) into the soup, and thinks he will add more when we have the rest of the box for lunch this weekend.

It was a good addition. He also put some fresh basil over the top, which was good. Here, the soup box is sitting upside down so the last of it will drain into the opening.

He also cut some broccoli stems crosswise into very thin slices and boiled them, and served them with butter.






We had a new loaf of Acme Italian Batard with this.





We also had a TJ’s wine: another old favorite, J. Vidal Fleury Cotes du Rhone.




{Written the 26th}

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