Chevre with tomato sauce and herbs; napa cabbage – 19 March 2011

Continuing with the theme of “B cannot bite into things using incisors,” I have made an old favorite Patricia Wells dish, which, not incidentally, uses up the Laura Chenel goat cheese log while it is still good.

I asked D for veggie suggestions, and he pointed out that we had a napa cabbage, of which he had used two 1/2″ slices for a previous meal for us. So I did the same. Sliced off two rather generously defined half inches of cabbage, and cooked them in perhaps 1 1/2 Tbsp butter, with salt and pepper. I added a small bit of water, but did not have a pan lid to steam them properly, so they were “open steamed”. Maybe I have invented a new technique šŸ˜‰ Anyway, I added water twice, no doubt less than 1/4 cup each time.

D brought up an Eric Stauffenegger wine for dinner (is it Christmas or something?) and it was, of course, excellent: the 2005 Cairanne, which is labeled “Domaine Rabasse Charavin”, and also “Corinne Couturier.” I have no idea what those mean, but it tastes great šŸ™‚

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