Sirloin of beef with mushrooms, marble potatoes, and tangerines – 11 March 2011

This was a punt by D. He had to pick up something or other at the Bowl, and didn’t have any ideas for dinner, so he decided to buy some beef and work around that.

He cut the beef into square prisms that were long and thin, and cooked them into a sauce of mushrooms and boiled teeny round potatoes that I have taken to calling marble potatoes. He added Marsala to the sauce, I think. It was tasty and interesting, but the beef was a bit on the tough side for this cooking method, so D decided to cut it thinner for reuse. I was not convinced all the flavors had blended together as well as they might, though it was a very interesting and good set of tastes. This ended up as spectacular leftovers (this is being written the 13th).

He also boiled some broccoli and served it alongside the beef dish.

D brought up a bottle of a house favorite, Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, which of course was terrific.

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