Patricia Wells’ chevre with tomato sauce, olives, and herbs; baby bok choi – 4 March 2011

OK, this is what we had planned for last night!

We had some goat cheese we got from Costco – Laura Chenel – the original California one – and I had a bit of Margherita sauce I thought I could use up in this recipe. Oregano and Rosemary from the garden, and some pitted Nicoise olives, probably from Cheese Board. You layer 1 2/3 oz per person crumbled goat cheese, chopped herbs, a small amount of tomato sauce, then halved olives and the rest of the herbs (perhaps 1/4 to 1/3 tsp each layer) and broil about 3 minutes, till the cheese bubbles. I put foil around the edges of the cazuelitas so they will not get too hot, and then just keep the foil in the box with the cazuelitas. D picked up some baby bok choi, which I salted slightly and cooked in butter – a favorite veggie of mine. Since they let R out of the hospital (laprascopic surgery is amazing) we gave his bread back and made our own:

We are all addicted to no-knead bread!

D found a Minervois and was excited to try it. I like it, but I got a headache that I think was from the wine. Can’t prove a thing…

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