American Pizza – 23 February 2011

I got home after 9pm, but fortunately had the presence of mind in the morning to realize this was possible, so I defrosted ingredients for the world’s easiest pizza. Not the best, however.

I had leftover tomato sauce from my Margherita the other night, which was fairly boring sauce – so I cooked some oregano from the garden into it – lots – the other night, and then popped it into the freezer for future use. D had some Columbus sausage in the fridge, so I planned on using that; and I defrosted 3 oz of Costco mozzarella in the morning.

I sliced the sausage before tasting it, and realized later I wasn’t terribly fond of it and might have preferred the soppressata that is in the freezer. However, the overall pizza was not that interesting, so it might have been a waste of $19/lb salumi. I just used the sauce, sausage, and mozz. I mean, it wasn’t bad, it was just pretty ordinary, and I can do better than that. But perhaps not after arriving home at 9:15.

I pulled out a bottle of Berkeley Bowl Pinot Noir that we found out about at a mini wine tasting awhile ago – was it back in December? – I think it was. Anyway, it was good, even very good, but not fabulous. I guess fabulous is a lot to ask for $9.95, isn’t it 🙂


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