Roast chicken with root vegetables; rice – 12 February 2011

I was telling D this morning about the work of a colleague who determined that we should buy whole chickens, b/c leftover chicken parts end up being sent to Africa and undercutting small farmers. Who knew? They had to go somewhere, I guess. This got D thinking about whole chickens, so he went to the bowl and bought one to roast.

He decided to serve the more problematic parts -wings and legs – while the chicken was just freshly cooked, b/c they are so much better then than later.

He chose a Chenin Blanc by Anjou from the Bowl ($7.99), which was slightly sweet, but stopped just short of that being a problem. It went very well with the meal, especially since there was sweetness in the root veggies over which D cooked the chicken. The fennel was very nice. There were also a turnip, a rutabaga, and a parsnip, and some mushrooms. D cooks this dish in the oven in a pot that hugs the chicken pretty closely, which means he has to work at getting the veggies stirred into the liquid at the bottom so they cook. I think the pot is more suited for stewing than roasting.

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